Samara Von Rad
Samara Von Rad
Samara Von Rad is a Folk/ Rock singer/ songwriter. Aerialist. Actor. Stunt Performer. And occasionally all of the above all at the same time.


Samara Von Rad is a sassy singer/songwriter hailing from Edmonton, Alberta who performs both as a solo act, as well as a full band. A combination of quirky lyrics, upbeat rhythms, and a smattering of heartbroken ballads, Samara brings comedic junctions between songs along with insight into being a chaser of so many different dreams. An Aerialist, Actor, Stunt Performer, and Musician, Samara thrives on any opportunity to perform.The Samara Von Rad band brings to all of their shows the same vibe they bring to all of their rehearsals: Lots of laughs, a love of music, and gratitude for the opportunity to share with you what get us stoked.


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